Company Overview

TotalClarity is a next generation bio-pharmaceutical company. We are a global platform for developing innovative pharmaceutical products by acquiring novel IP and nurturing them through the entire life-cycle – from idea to successful commercialization.
As a company, we  have a  passion to develop and enhance existing drugs as well as creation of novel molecular entities. We have a pipeline of  pre-clinical drug candidates in the areas of oncology and pulmonary medicine which hold promise of being life changing therapies for patients.
Inhalation therapeutic treatments, for invasive fungal infections (IFI), is a special area of interest for us. In addition to the intellectual assets, we have our own specialized manufacturing facility which is a leader in particle engineering for inhalation products.
Our oncology pipeline aims to address many safety issues associated with clinically known target therapies. The resulting drug candidates are novel kinase inhibitors with enhanced safety, efficacy, and tolerability profile.
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